Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Continuing Education for Contractors...

I truly believe in continuing education for us
contractors. Whether you're in painting, concrete,
masonry, landscaping, etc. if you're
not moving forward by
attending trainings, seminars, trade shows
you're falling behind and the next person
who's been prepared will be landing the jobs.
I always like to read up on the monthly trade
magazines and keep up with the latest
information in our field. I'll continue to post
the latest trainings available, webinars,
seminars and trade show to keep you
up to date and in the know. In this time of
economic recession, now is the time to get
yourself prepared for 2009 and hope you
all have a blessed and wonderful holidays.

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john carlos carlos said...

Contractor Continuing Education is really important as it is a state requirement for license holders. This will also help contractors to maintain their license and to be updated with construction techniques used in the state where they work in.